About Our Hearing Clinic

Our Doctors adhere to the highest standards and techniques available to assure the most accurate fitting procedures proven by scientific research.  With the advent of digital technology, hearing aids are even more capable of better performance. Measuring these aids using only the latest scientific protocols are important in order to accurately verify the programming. Anything less is simply a guess at performance and may well be the reason so many hearing aid users wonder why they are not receiving the maximum benefit from their hearing aids. These procedures are called real ear measurements and are the only accurate method of measuring the actual performance of a hearing aid. Less than 20% of audiologists and even less non-audiologist hearing aid dealers across the country actually use these proven methods.

Offering a full service Audiology Clinic, Shoals Hearing Clinic, P.C. has served Shoals Area residents of all ages for 33 years. Over 80 area physicians and ear specialists throughout the southeastern United States refer us to. However, a medical referral is not necessary for an appointment. If you or someone you love has a hearing problem, you can be assured of the highest level of hearing care. Only the most reputable hearing aid manufacturers are considered and the prices are well below manufacturers suggested prices.

Drs. Marilyn and Richard Gresham exclusively perform all testing and hearing aid fitting procedures. There are no assistants or hearing aid salesmen involved in your visits to our office. Get the hearing care you deserve. See what a doctor of audiology can do for you!

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